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Animal Communication and Shamanic Healing


Earthing 1

Want to heal something?  Try earthing.  I watched a video yesterday made by a guy in Alaska who started putting his bare skin on the earth every day and started feeling a lot better – physically and mentally.  And I’m sure emotionally, spiritually and energetically, too.  There are all kinds of people now doing experiments on earthing.  I started thinking about how often I put my bare feet, or butt, or back on the earth.  Not often enough.  The earth is constantly sending healing energy and I use very little of it.  Sure, I go through grounding exercises before I communicate with an animal or do an energy clearing on someone, but it’s usually with shoes on.  And put my bare skin on the earth?  Not so much.  So I’m going to start keeping my feet bare and on the earth.  And I’m going to watch myself feel better.  The earth is calling.

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Reports from the Realm

Clouds 1007.4

Another thing we had to do each morning at my Weather Shamanism workshop was give reports from the realm.  It was a quick report on something we had noticed that morning or the previous evening.  Something that caught our attention be it animals, plants or the weather.  It was fun listening to what everyone else had noticed each morning so I decided to start the practice with my drum group.  So now they have to give reports from the realm when we meet twice a month.  I noticed this cloud pattern this week while walking.  Could you give a report from your realm twice a month?  How about weekly?  And daily?

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Fair Weather Friends

2012-09-20 01.34.41

Shall tomorrow’s weather be fair or foul?  Blow wind – blow mostly from the south for I go afishing.  “Nay, good friend,” exclaims the golfer,  “the day must be dry and the wind in the west.”  The farmer moistens his finger and points it toward the sky.  “Rain, come, quickly, for my crops,” is his prayer.  But the maiden’s voice is full of pleading: “Let the sun shine tomorrow that my heart may be light on my wedding day.”  “The Weather” by Charles F. Talman.  I read this in Weather Shamanism by Nan Moss and David Corbin.  I just spent the weekend with them learning how to harmonize and deepen my connection with the elements.  I met an ancestor from way back who used to work with weather and I also met a new weather spirit helper.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience.  But I noticed as I was looking at my photos to add, I didn’t have a single one from this year of the weather.  I had a lot of my friends around and below me but none of them above me. This one was from last year.  I was a little embarrassed.  I’ll have to remedy that.  We ask so much of the weather.  This weekend was my reminder to start giving back.


Grow Where You’re Planted


This seems to be an unlikely place for a sunflower to grow.  I noticed it a couple of days ago.  It’s growing even though it might not be in the most hospitable environment for it to thrive.  I realized that there were several times in my life where I was in an environment that seemed ‘not exactly right’ for me – crowded Los Angeles, the dry, desert southwest, and living with my Mom at 39 years old starting over.  Yet each time, it was only temporary.  And when the angels saw fit to move us on, they did.  So each time, I grew where I was planted.  I met wonderful friends in Los Angeles that I still have today, the desert southwest gave us skiing in Telluride and the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde.  And my Mom’s?  Well, let’s just say we had a chance to save some money while we were getting back on our feet.  The point being, you can make the most of any place you live.  If a sunflower can live right in the sand on a beach, we, too, can live anywhere.  We just have to choose to grow where we’re planted.

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Someone's imagination

We came across this on our walk this morning and I was thinking that some child’s imagination was working while this was being built.  I wondered what they saw in their head.  I think it was Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.   If you can imagine it, you can create it.   When I was a kid, I didn’t ‘think’ about using my imagination, I just did.  In fact, my world was all imagination until I started formal learning.  Why is that when I was in my 20’s, 30’s and  40’s I used my imagination to see the worst possible scenario instead of the best?  Now, I am turning that around – using my imagination to create the best possible world to live in.  I’ve been told I have a vivid imagination.  I now take it as a compliment.  If your imagination is rusty, try using it again.  You might create something beautiful.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


This popped up in our garden last night.  I happened to notice it since it’s not like the others that usually come up in our yard.  I don’t know much about mushrooms.  But I just started reading Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews.  It’s about the signs, omens and messages in nature.  I’m only on page 79 but I love it so far.  So I looked up what he says about mushrooms and the color white in nature.  He says white reflects the energies of truth.  It is soothing to our spirit and even indicates the presence of spirits about us in some area of our life.  When white appears predominantly, we may have messages coming to us soon from the spirit world.  And he says about mushrooms is that they not only recycle, but they assist life.  They help break down fallen logs, branches, fallen leaves, helping return them to the soil.  They remind us that we may need to recycle what we are doing and take an entirely different approach to our endeavors.  Are we doing things in the same old way?  I am going to start looking to nature for messages in my life and I am excited to see what it is going to tell me.

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Beach Glass and Other Treasures


Beach glass 0720

This is the beach glass we picked up just this morning.  We have lots of it considering we’ve been doing this every morning for 13 years.  But we were especially excited to get the little piece of cobalt blue in the center.  It’s not rare in the beach glass collecting world but it’s not common.  We wondered what someone passing us might think when they saw us getting so excited over a little piece of glass.  But really, isn’t that what a good life is all about – being happy with the really small things in life?  So it started us thinking about the other small treasures in our life that we are grateful for – a beautiful flower, the smell of incense, the abundance of a soda can someone throws in the woods that we pick up (10 cents for us!) . . .the universe provides hundreds of treasures each day for us to find.  Start looking for yours.  You’ll be surprised what shows up.

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Words to Live By

Elfin Thyme

Well, actually, there are many more than this.  But I especially like these words because they remind me that sometimes there is no controlling the things that happen to you.  The best thing to do is just allow it, recognize that it will be temporary and deal each day with the decisions that need to be made.  Bob and I had a car accident on July 4th.  Luckily, no one was badly injured but he was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures when his head hit the passenger window and shattered it.  Now we have many more things to deal with – insurance, medical bills and buying two used cars.  Yes – we sold our two other cars in the past month and now our last one is wrecked.  I’ve spent the last couple of days in gratitude for the protection we received from our spirit helpers, for our shamanic friends who have sent lots of healing energy and for serenity when remembering It is what it is.  


Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away

corner tree 1

These flowers on a tree in our yard usually attract hundreds of bees. This year I haven’t seen any yet, but yesterday I saw two hummingbirds in it.  And this morning when I was out, one zipped by my head on it’s way by.  I wanted to know what Hummingbird was trying to tell me so I looked it up.  According to my animal medicine book, Hummingbird is Joy.  I am to get ready to laugh musically and enjoy Creator’s many gifts.  I am to drop my judgmental attitude and relax.  I am to get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send my senses reeling.  Hummingbird disdains ugliness or harshness and quickly flies away from discord or disharmony.  So for today, that is what I will do.

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Mindful Meditation


This morning I skipped my usual meditation practice and decided to do a walking meditation.  Bob, Josie and I set out this morning and my intention was to just pay attention to my feet for the first half hour.  I noticed the feel of the pavement, the way the arch of my foot felt in my shoes, the rhythmic pace of my stride, heel, toe, heel, toe.  I noticed how the earth felt softer when I hit the dirt road, and even softer when I got to the beach.  I noticed how at times my heel felt lower than my toes and how my toes felt.  I felt a wave hit the outside of my shoe as it came up the beach and the clumps of lake weed and stones underneath me.  And then I started to feel gratitude for my ankle that bends at the perfect angle to allow my feet not to flop around at the end of my leg.  Then gratitude for my legs to carry me, for my lungs to breathe the air and my heart for pumping my blood.  It was a great mediation.  I think I should do this more often.

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