Lisa Turek

Animal Communication and Shamanic Healing

about me

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I had quite an uneventful upbringing as the oldest of six children.  We had the usual family pets, dogs, cats, fish, various small rodents but my favorite were the bunnies.

In 1996 when my husband and I were moving from Colorado, our dog started having accidents in our house.  My husband Bob noticed an ad for an animal communicator in a holistic magazine and suggested I call.  Since our veterinarian told us it might be related to a colon polyp he just removed and that there wasn’t much else he could do, I decided to call.

She talked to our dog on Thursday, gave us the information on Friday and I was amazed!  I wanted to do it and knew somehow that I had to learn.  She invited me to a workshop she just happened to be having at her house the next day.  I found I was able to do it immediately.  From then on it was just a matter of talking to as many animals as I could and polishing my skills.  Now I spend time helping people with their lost, sick, dead, dying and wild animals.  I continue to take classes in energy medicine, telepathy, intuition, and shamanism to keep honing my skills.

Services consist of initial conversation regarding the animal and what issues need to be addressed.  I take as much time as is needed to talk to the animal and all the time needed to relay information from the animal to you.

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