Lisa Turek

Animal Communication and Shamanic Healing


Can you communicate with dead animals?  Yes.  Since I believe that we are spirits having a human experience, I believe that they are also spirits having an animal experience.  Since I am not communicating with the physical body of the animal, I can still communicate with the spirit of the animal, alive or dead.

Do you need to see my animal in person?  No.  With a good physical description or photo, I communicate telepathically, no matter where the animal lives.

Can you communicate with my neighbor’s dog?  Not without permission from the person.  I could, but it would be unethical.

Can you communicate with wild animals?  Yes.

Can you stop wild animal behavior?  It is my experience that offering some sort of compromise or reward for ending unwanted behavior works better than ordering an animal to stop or start doing something.  I can’t guarantee they will change their behavior because they have free will.  But usually, they do.

Can you find lost animals?  Yes.  Of course, again, there are no guarantees but I have had success in getting ideas on where they are and facilitating retrieval.

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