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You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

on March 24, 2014

Cathy and Lisa 1

I met Cathy Andrews at the Life In Balance Center here in South Carolina.  I’ve been here almost two months and am now getting ready to head home.  Cathy has a show on blogtalk radio called Wings on the Ground and asked me to be a guest in April to talk about animal communication and shamanic healing.  I am looking forward to spending an hour with her talking about things I love.  And though I miss my friends at home, it was really nice to be somewhere different and meet new people.  I like the surprise of seeing what, and who spirit brings into my life.

2 Responses to “You Never Know Who You’ll Meet”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh the synchronicity of life. Glad it happened!

  2. Clairellen McLaughlin says:

    There is no coincidence.

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