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Welcome Turkeys!

on December 7, 2013

Two turkeys

I opened up the office door this afternoon and was surprised to see these two large, beautiful turkeys on our front lawn.  They casually walked around the fence to the front of our office and through the BP parking lot, on their way to I don’t know where.  I looked up turkey in my Animal Medicine cards to see what message I was getting.  According to Jamie Sams and David Carson, “Turkey is actually thought to be the Give-Away Eagle.  The philosophy of give-away was practiced by many tribes.  People in modern-day society, who have many times more than they need, should study the noble turkey who sacrifices itself so that we may live.  In Turkey’s death, we have our life”.  So I will honor these turkeys who made it through this Thanksgiving season.  And realize that I, too, have much more than I need.  In honoring the turkeys that showed up today, I will spend some time this weekend making a give-away pile for someone in need.  And I do hope to see them again.

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