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Grow Where You’re Planted


This seems to be an unlikely place for a sunflower to grow.  I noticed it a couple of days ago.  It’s growing even though it might not be in the most hospitable environment for it to thrive.  I realized that there were several times in my life where I was in an environment that seemed ‘not exactly right’ for me – crowded Los Angeles, the dry, desert southwest, and living with my Mom at 39 years old starting over.  Yet each time, it was only temporary.  And when the angels saw fit to move us on, they did.  So each time, I grew where I was planted.  I met wonderful friends in Los Angeles that I still have today, the desert southwest gave us skiing in Telluride and the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde.  And my Mom’s?  Well, let’s just say we had a chance to save some money while we were getting back on our feet.  The point being, you can make the most of any place you live.  If a sunflower can live right in the sand on a beach, we, too, can live anywhere.  We just have to choose to grow where we’re planted.

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Someone's imagination

We came across this on our walk this morning and I was thinking that some child’s imagination was working while this was being built.  I wondered what they saw in their head.  I think it was Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.   If you can imagine it, you can create it.   When I was a kid, I didn’t ‘think’ about using my imagination, I just did.  In fact, my world was all imagination until I started formal learning.  Why is that when I was in my 20’s, 30’s and  40’s I used my imagination to see the worst possible scenario instead of the best?  Now, I am turning that around – using my imagination to create the best possible world to live in.  I’ve been told I have a vivid imagination.  I now take it as a compliment.  If your imagination is rusty, try using it again.  You might create something beautiful.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


This popped up in our garden last night.  I happened to notice it since it’s not like the others that usually come up in our yard.  I don’t know much about mushrooms.  But I just started reading Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews.  It’s about the signs, omens and messages in nature.  I’m only on page 79 but I love it so far.  So I looked up what he says about mushrooms and the color white in nature.  He says white reflects the energies of truth.  It is soothing to our spirit and even indicates the presence of spirits about us in some area of our life.  When white appears predominantly, we may have messages coming to us soon from the spirit world.  And he says about mushrooms is that they not only recycle, but they assist life.  They help break down fallen logs, branches, fallen leaves, helping return them to the soil.  They remind us that we may need to recycle what we are doing and take an entirely different approach to our endeavors.  Are we doing things in the same old way?  I am going to start looking to nature for messages in my life and I am excited to see what it is going to tell me.

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