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Beach Glass and Other Treasures


Beach glass 0720

This is the beach glass we picked up just this morning.  We have lots of it considering we’ve been doing this every morning for 13 years.  But we were especially excited to get the little piece of cobalt blue in the center.  It’s not rare in the beach glass collecting world but it’s not common.  We wondered what someone passing us might think when they saw us getting so excited over a little piece of glass.  But really, isn’t that what a good life is all about – being happy with the really small things in life?  So it started us thinking about the other small treasures in our life that we are grateful for – a beautiful flower, the smell of incense, the abundance of a soda can someone throws in the woods that we pick up (10 cents for us!) . . .the universe provides hundreds of treasures each day for us to find.  Start looking for yours.  You’ll be surprised what shows up.

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Words to Live By

Elfin Thyme

Well, actually, there are many more than this.  But I especially like these words because they remind me that sometimes there is no controlling the things that happen to you.  The best thing to do is just allow it, recognize that it will be temporary and deal each day with the decisions that need to be made.  Bob and I had a car accident on July 4th.  Luckily, no one was badly injured but he was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures when his head hit the passenger window and shattered it.  Now we have many more things to deal with – insurance, medical bills and buying two used cars.  Yes – we sold our two other cars in the past month and now our last one is wrecked.  I’ve spent the last couple of days in gratitude for the protection we received from our spirit helpers, for our shamanic friends who have sent lots of healing energy and for serenity when remembering It is what it is.  


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