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Animal Communication and Shamanic Healing

List of Ten

Be careful

Self-doubt paid a visit this morning.  I don’t know where it came from and it certainly wasn’t invited.  But I said hello and that it wasn’t welcome to stay.  In my Shamanic Healing class last weekend, we were told to make a list of ten things that could get us through a bad day.  I wrote things like, light an aromatherapy candle, hug my husband, light some incense, get a massage and take an epsom salt bath.  These are things that I can do to help myself create a toolkit of protection so that when my energy is lowered, I can bring it right back up.  When I got done with our walk this morning, I didn’t even remember that self-doubt had paid a visit.  I am going to add ‘take a walk’ to my list.


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When I think of Curses!, it brings to mind the Wicked Witch of the North.  But I learned this weekend in my Advanced Shamanic Healing class that curses are not just things we say to other people, but things we say to ourselves as well.  If you’ve ever told yourself you’re not good enough, you cursed yourself.  If someone flipped you off on the road, they cursed you.  We can intentionally and even unintentionally curse ourselves and others.  I learned how to unravel these curses this weekend.  I also learned how to unravel ancestral curses that we may be carrying today.  It was really fun . . . and enlightening.  Removing these curses is increasing the flow of energy throughout my life.  And making me feel a lot clearer!


Drum Making

Back of Drum

This is the lacing on the back of a drum I made on Wednesday.  Thanks to Jim Miller of for teaching Carol, Sheri and I the native way of making a hand drum.  It is now hanging to dry for the next two days.  Tradition is to leave it for four days after you make it, one day for East, one day for South, one day for West and one day for North.  I am really anxious to hear its voice.  Sunday night, when I get back from an Advanced Shamanic Healing workshop in Grand Ledge, I will let it speak to me.


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