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Medicine For The Earth


I’m going to a Medicine for the Earth workshop this weekend based on the teachings of Sandra Ingerman.  During this workshop I will work  with others to restore harmony and balance to our exterior environment.  My work will focus on learning to transform physical, emotional and mental energy blocks that negatively affect my health and the health of Mother Earth.  I am really looking forward to learning how to transform air and water pollution into clean air and water!.  If I can start with my own environment, it will start to affect the environment of the planet.  I urge you to do what you can to bring a higher vibration to your own environment and help clean up Mother Earth.


Who Is Your Family?


Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book, Women Who Run With the Wolves says, “See to it now that you spend less time on what your parents didn’t give you and more time on finding the people you belong to. You may not belong to your original family at all.  You may match your family genetically, but temperamentally you may belong to another group of people.  Or you may belong to your family perfunctorily while your soul leaps out, runs down the road, and is gluttonously happy munching on spiritual cookies somewhere else”.  I love this!  I struggled for years wondering why I just wasn’t meshing with my birth family.  With four sisters, one brother, two half-sisters and a step-sister, I thought there would be one kindred spirit in the bunch.  Alas, it was not to be.  My soul sisters and brothers are elsewhere.  Don’t forget to look for yours if they’re not in your birth family.  And take heart, you’re not alone!

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Stay In The Flow

2013-02-06 21.56.58

There was water running in this stream this morning on our walk.  I noticed it and heard the word ‘flow’.  Was it a message for me?  Is there a place in my life now that I’m not in flow?  The stream doesn’t get angry when there’s an obstacle in its way, it just goes around it.  It doesn’t rush or tarry, it goes at its natural pace.  Where do I want to hurry time, or slow it down to fit my purposes?  It’s far better to get in the boat and let life’s flow take me to where I’m going, than to paddle upstream.  Look for the flow in your life and get in the boat for the ride.


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Russian Gypsy Cards

card 3

I had never heard of them until I came across a young lady who was offering free readings in exchange for some healing energy.  Crystal was in a near-fatal car accident and is struggling to support two young children on her own while trying to recover.  So I contacted her and arranged a reading yesterday morning.  It was my good fortune to meet her.  Not only is she a truly wonderful spirit, but she embodies perseverence in the face of adversity.  And my reading was unique and wonderful!  If anyone feels guided like me to call, she can be reached at or…1_archive.html.  Thank you Crystal for your inspiration!

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