Lisa Turek

Animal Communication and Shamanic Healing

Ten Minute Practice


This is my drum.  With it, I started a ten minute practice every day of drumming for Mother Earth.  I realized that I had ten minutes a day to do something to express my gratitude for this wonderful human life.  And not only does it make me feel grounded, centered and relaxed, it feeds my soul.  Think about what you could do for ten minutes every day to feed your soul.  You don’t have to drum.  You could turn on your favorite music and dance, sing, chant OM, write or take a walk.  Do it.  You’ll be surprised at how much your life is enhanced for just ten minutes.  And your soul will thank you.

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The Unseen


I saw these tracks this morning but I didn’t see the bird.  I wondered if this how our guardian angels work in our lives?  We don’t see them but they leave messages that they’re there.  A new thought perhaps?  A penny or a feather in an unexpected place?  A feeling in your gut that says you should do something you’ve been afraid to do?  Give thanks today to your angels, guides, animal totems and any other unseen forces that are with you everyday that you don’t actually see.  They are working in your life.


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2013-01-25 00.27.33

I’m looking forward to my lecture this evening at the Harrisville Methodist Church.  Soup and pie supper first.  I am so blessed and grateful that I am given the chance to talk about our lost connection with the animals.  Pets as well as non-domesticated.  And how to go about re-kindling that communication.  It’s been such an honor for me all these years to be able to communicate with our animal friends.  I hope that my enthusiasm for this topic is infectious!

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Saturday Workshop


What a great day we shared yesterday learning how to communicate with animals!  Back row Claire, Mary, Karen and I, on the  couch, Terry, Paula and Nancy.  (Thanks to Chuck for the photo).   It’s always a blessing to spend time with people who share a common interest in making our world a more peaceful and beautiful place.  What a world it would be if we all remembered how we used to communicate with, and live in harmony with, animals, plant, trees, water, rocks, air, fire, and soil of our amazing planet.  Thanks to you all for your openness and willingness to remember your true selves!



Making Tracks


These are Josie’s tracks.  I love the design they make in the new snow.  This being the new year, it’s one thing to look back at the tracks I’ve made on my journey.  But I think this time I’m going to focus on what’s ahead.  What kind of tracks will I make in 2013?  Will they be filled with beauty?  Will they leave behind a lovely design on the world?  That is my resolution for this year.  To make it not only the best year I’ve ever had,  but to be the best me I’ve ever been and to leave tracks that I will love to look back at when the time comes.  Full speed ahead!

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