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What I Love

December morning

I’m reading a great book called The Power by Rhonda Byrne.  It’s the sequel to The Secret and it was given to me by my friend, Claudia.  What I love about it so far is that it’s reminding me to remind myself, everyday, of the things I love.  So every morning when I journal, I finish my entry with all the things I can think of that I love.  So here goes, I love walking on the beach every morning, I love fresh air, I love my morning meditation, I love the fact that I meet new people almost every day, I love that my house is warm and cozy, I love that I have more time to myself now that we turned off our TV, I love spending time with my husband and pets . . . see how easy it is?  Think about it, name what you love, do it every day and you’ll start to notice how much better your day is.

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Jungle Trees

Bob and I were in Mexico last week and I took a lot of photos of trees in the jungle.  This one was in Cancun at the Museo Maya de Cancun (Mayan Museum of Cancun) right next to our hotel.  On a cloudy day we decided to go over and look at some great artifacts from the Yucatan peninsula and then took a walk through the jungle to some ruins – right in the center of hotel row!  Anyway, this tree was incredible.  We so often take trees for granted and without them, we wouldn’t have life.  So I gave thanks to this tree, not only for it’s beauty, but for all it gives to humans and animals and yet, asks for nothing in return.  Don’t forget to find your favorite tree, give it some thanks, or better yet, give it a hug!


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